Major League TagPro: Inaugural Draft
Date June 1 2013
Time 4 PM PST
Location TagPro Mumble
Streamed? No
Number of Rounds 8
Draft style Snake style
First overall pick OP, Ampersaints
Last overall pick Ginseng, Ampersaints


The Major League TagPro Inaugural draft took place on June 1st 2013 at 4 PM PST. The event was hosted on the TagPro Mumble Channel. It was the second ever MLTP event, with the Owners' Meeting being the first. The first overall pick was OP by the Ampersaints. The last overall pick was Ginseng (previously known as Savage) who was also drafted by the Ampersaints. Overall, three Ball of Famers were drafted in the first 8 picks while there were six future captains drafted in all of the 32 picks.

Draft PicksEdit

Key: HOF = In the TagPro Ball of Fame, C = Current/former MLTP captain, N/A = 0 games played in MLTP total, X = played 0 games for his Season 1 team.

Round 1Edit

# Player Team
01 OP HOF Ampersaints
02 steppin C LagProne
03 Mike HOF C CoSinners
04 froz3n N/A Holy Rollers

Round 2Edit

# Player Team
05 PrivateMajor HOF C Holy Rollers
06 cat CoSinners
07 pensivepoet X LagProne
08 drukqs HOF Ampersaints

Round 3Edit

# Player Team
09 Ball So Hard N/A Ampersaints
10 dbliz LagProne
11 Drake CoSinners
12 BAllstar C Holy Rollers

Round 4Edit

# Player Team
13 TurdFerguson X Holy Rollers
14 OG N/A CoSinners
15 poopv LagProne
16 goddammit Ampersaints

Round 5Edit

# Player Team
17 Soulful N/A Ampersaints
18 Watball LagProne
19 AnalShipment CoSinners
20 John Lennon N/A Holy Rollers

Round 6Edit

# Player Team
21 Carp Holy Rollers
22 Dino C CoSinners
23 goofball LagProne
24 Chalksy C Ampersaints

Round 7Edit

# Player Team
25 Bus N/A Ampersaints
26 RollinT N/A LagProne
27 Yaroze CoSinners
28 Dole_Bananas Holy Rollers

Round 8Edit

# Player Team
29 Ted Bundy Holy Rollers
30 Rugay! N/A CoSinners
31 DrNoiseWater LagProne
32 Savage (Ginseng) Ampersaints