Holy Rollers
Holy Rollers Logo
Founded Season 1
Disbanded Before Season 4
Home Server Centra
Captain PrivateMajor
mLTP Team N/A
Super Ball Victories None
Playoff Appearances Season 1, Season 2
Overall Record 13-13-1-1
The Holy Rollers were a Major League TagPro team that played from Season 1 to Season 3.


The following players played at least a season on the Holy Rollers.

PrivateMajor, (((Ballrentheses))), Season 3 Captain of Holy Rollers. (Season 1-Season 3)

WreckingBall, Centra Limit Theorem, Captain of Holy Rollers, Season 1 & 2, (Season 1-Season 2)

cz, Evercapping Gobpoppers, Season 2 Offensive Player of the Season, (Season 2-Season 3)

Infinity, Orville-Redenballers, (Season 2)

sidewalk, Pop'em Block'em ProBots, (Season 3)

BAllstar, Evercapping Gobpoppers, (Season 1-Season 2)

Gratii, Evercapping Gobpoppers, (Season 2)

Ted Bundy, (((Ballrentheses))), (Season 1-Season 3)

Dole_Bananas, Pop'em Block'em ProBots, (Season 1-Season 2)